Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Flowers for Arragments

I have to say fall flower arrangements are by far my favorite kind of arrangements. I love the colors scheme of orange, green, yellow and matching hues and the rustic feel to all the flowers. Today I'm going to write about my favorite flowers that I love to use in fall flower arrangements. 

Sunflowers: These are perfect for any autumn arrangement because its a nice bright  pop of color and matches well with the fall color scheme. Not only that but they are also at their best at the end of summer and the very beginning of fall. 

Wax Flowers: What I love about having wax flowers is that they come in different color variation and that they are a flowering shrub that has multiple blooms per stem; which makes it perfect as filler for your arrangement.

Dahlias: Dahlias are a year round flower and what makes them transitional throughout every season is that they come in many different colors and sizes. Go for a nice orange, dark red, soft pink, or even an ombre color and you'll be good to go for any fall arrangement. 

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: I love the soft faded green color and the drape of the eucalyptus, and not only does it give off a pleasant smell but it also acts as a neutral for your fall color scheme. 

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