Thursday, October 20, 2016


Landscaping; as we all know can either make or break your home. If you have a nice landscape design the value of your home rises and if your landscape doesn't look so good then it naturally decreases. Not only that but having a nice landscape that's green and lush provides such a nice, warm, ambiance throughout your entire home and it preserves a natural feel. We put together some photos of some really unique, and creative landscape designs in order to inspire your for either your current landscape design or any other future endeavors. 

This design is one of our favorites! It also easily breaks up your yard as well, all you have to do is get  urn or an overturned pot and create a path using either flowers or rocks. 

This is also another creative pathway, we loved the use of wood instead of pavement, rocks or sand to create a path. It creates a very natural/woodsy kind of vibe to the entire yard. 


This is such a great idea! usually a patio set is strewn around the yard but this creative look has them in a circle in order to create a bit more of a hangout space. With a fire pit in the middle you can guarantee family and friends will have a great time. 

If you have any questions or ideas on creating a beautiful landscape please feel free to reach out to us at we would love to work with you to help achieve a beautiful space for you an your family.

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