Monday, May 16, 2016

Beach House Install

We recently just did an install at a beautiful beach house and the interior designer was left in awe. We installed several big green plants, a live wall and a beautiful orchid arrangement. 

The live wall holds 36 6" plants consisting of Pothos, Dracena warneki lemon lime and red Bromeliad neoregelia. The design was simple but striking because you can see the different colors all meshed together and it makes a beautiful portrait. 

This is a Marginata stump, it's very modern and is wide enough to really fill up the space.

This is a Ming Aralia, it does well with a lot of light and not only does it look like parsley it also smells like it. It's a very modern plant and it's really easy to take care of.

This is a Sanseveria black coral, its a common house plant that is really beautiful and easy to take care of as well. If you need a plant designer to come in and give you some idea for plants for your home you can reach us at