Monday, February 23, 2015

How to take care of orchids

Orchids are not only the most beautiful, fragrant flower but also the worlds largest plant family. There are over 30,000 hybrids of orchids and there are more added every year. Many people think that Orchids are only tropical flowers but that's not true, Orchids grow every where. Here are some simple Orchid care tips so you can care for yours properly at your home. 

  1. It's always best to know what kind of Orchid you get because it depends on the pseudobulb how much water you should. Orchids with pseudobulbs should be grown on a wet-to-dry cycle whereas orchids without pseudobulbs should be kept evenly moist. I definitely recommend watering with a spray bottle to get the right amount.
  2. Fertilizing your Orchid is always a must. Be sure to use an orchid food that is formulated for orchids and follow the instructions on the label. I fertilize my Orchid every 2-3 months, it keeps it healthy and growing. 
  3. How do you know if your Orchid is getting enough light? it's simple look at the leaves. Generally speaking, the leaves should be bright green rather than dark green. Dark green indicates too little light while reddish green indicated too much light.  Recommended placement for an Orchid is near a window is so it gets indirect light. 
  4. What are those black splotches on those Orchids leaves? it looks like your Orchid has a bit of sunburn. Not to worry though it's not that serious. You just need to move your plant back from the window or put up sheer curtains to help protect it from direct sunlight. As the light intensity decreases in the fall, move your plant closer to the window again. 
I hope this post helps with all your Orchids questions!