Monday, April 13, 2015

Flowers of the Month: Daisy

Daisies are known for their beautiful coloring and simplcity and also the representation of innocence and purity. Daises are part of the biggest families  of plants in the world which is why they make up 10% of all flowers and grow everywhere on the Earth besides Antratica. 

How to take care of Daisies 

Water daisy plants during dry spells as they send up flower buds as well as during their entire blooming time. If flower stems dry out and droop, they might not fully recover. Also, trim off blooms as they fade. Deadheading encourages more flowering, It also minimizes mildew that often grows on dead plant parts.Water at the base of the plant to avoid mold and sun damage to tender petals. 

Daisies wallpaper

I hope you enjoyed this Daisy themed post, may it help with all your Daisy needs.