Monday, November 28, 2016


Now that Thanksgiving has passed the next big holiday is Christmas. It's a tradition to have a pine tree during the holiday, but a lot of people are sometimes stuck between getting an artificial one or a live one since there are so many benefits to both. So we wanted to make that easier for you by making a quick pro's and cons list. 


PROS: pine tree scent,  lots of different kinds to choose from, traditional choice, provides jobs for farmers and markets, and it provides fresh air for your home. 
CONS: makes a mess by shedding a lot of needles, constant maintenance, transporting the tree is a bit difficult, you have to get rid of it after use.


PROS: can be already pre lit, doesn't make a mess, many selections to choose from, can be easily stored, and you can leave it up as long as you'd like.
CONS: can look phony and or synthetic, you have to make space for it in storage. 

Whichever tree you pick be it alive or real just make sure it the best option for you and your home, if you wanted to know more information about christmas or about our pricing since we do offer artificial and real trees, feel free to contact us at 

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