Thursday, July 30, 2015

All you need to know about Sansevierias.

Snake plants, mother-in-laws tongue and snakes tongue are some common names for the famous Sansevieria. If you have one then you know that caring for one can be quite easy but make a simple mistake and your plant will die from root rot and stink up your house. Here are some easy guidelines on how to make your Sansevieria grow beautifully. 

How to take care of your Sansevieria 

  • When you plant your Sansevieria make sure you use a potting medium not garden soil so that way it can retain water better. When your Sansevieria's roots start to show at the bottom of the pot remove it and put it in a bigger container so it can grow. 
  • Make sure you place your Sansevieria in a well lit room (by the window preferably)
  • Sansevieria's don't like direct sunlight because it will start wilting. 
  • Sansevieria's don't like too much water so only water when the soil is completely dry and water it only along the edges. 

 I hope this post helps with all your Sansevieria needs! 

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